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Household Items That Can Pose Danger to Your Pets

3/1/2017 5:09 PM Comments Posted By admin user
If you have fur babies in the family, you need to be mindful of everything inside your home. There are some household items that can pose potential hazards to your beloved pets.

Living with pets under the same roof entails lots of cautiousness and responsibility. Although some items in your house may be safe for you, some of these same items can also pose serious harm and health problems, or worse, death, to your fur babies.

To ensure your home’s safety not only for you and your family but also for your pets, here are household items you need to toss or hide as soon as possible:

#1 Easter lilies

While these flowers may be nice to display in your home especially this coming spring, lilies can endanger your pets. Lilies are extremely poisonous to cats and can cause them a life-threatening kidney failure. For both cats and dogs, lilies can cause them heart rhythm issues, or worse death.

Symptoms of lily poisoning you need to be wary of include appetite loss, vomiting, and weakness.

Other plants that can endanger your pets are poinsettia, tulip, sago palm, rhododendron, autumn crocus, cyclamen, foxglove, oleander, kalanchoe, dumb canes, daffodil, hyacinth, and mistletoe.

#2 Small items

Small items like toys, batteries, buttons, coins, twist ties are choking hazards for your pets. Coins, when ingested by your pets, can lead to zinc toxicity which often causes anemia and (liver, heart, and kidney) organ failure. For safety, it’s best to keep these small items out of your pets’ reach.

#3 Bread dough

Be mindful not to leave any unbaked bread dough in your kitchen or in any place your pet can reach it. When eaten by your pet, the bread dough can expand in the stomach and cut off their blood supply – which requires emergency surgery to be fixed. More than that, the yeast in the bread dough produces alcohol which leads to seizures and respiratory failure in your fur babies.

#4 Detergents

When left in the open and ingested by your pets; detergents, laundry pods, and laundry pods can cause ulcers in your pet’s mouth, esophagus, and stomach. The symptoms of detergent poisoning in both cats and dogs depend on the type, toxicity, and amount of the detergent they’ve ingested.

Of the many detergent types, the anionic (laundry detergents, dish soaps, and shampoos) and cationic (fabric softeners, and disinfectants) types pose the most serious hazards to your pets.

#5 Chocolates

The sweet treat you love so much is risky to the health and life of your beloved pets. The compound called theobromine found in chocolates and other cocoa products is poisonous for both cats and dogs. However, the hazard of theobromine to your pets depends on the type of chocolate, its amount, and your pet’s size. Theobromine is like a ticking time bomb for your pets.

The darker or the more concentrated the chocolate is, the more dangerous it can be to your pets.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning you need to be wary of include diarrhea, vomiting, abnormal breathing and heart rate, seizures, weakness, tremors, and worse, cardiac failure, and coma.

#6 Dental floss

Although your dental floss may look innocent and harmless, it can cause serious dangers to your pets. Because it is easy to swallow, when ingested, it can cause strangulation and blockages in your pets’ intestines. Other similar items you need to be wary of include yarns, bands, and strings.

#7 Medications

The medications that help better your health such as painkillers, antidepressants, cardiac drugs, sleep aids, cold meds, vitamins, and the like can do the opposite to your pets. Even when ingested in just small doses, these medications can endanger your pets’ health, and worse, their lives too.

When you take your meds, make sure you don’t leave any on counters or drop any on the floor. Even vet medications must be kept out of your pet’s reach and only taken in with your supervision.

Ensure the safety of your family at home, your fur babies included, by keeping the above items out of reach. Protect your fur babies the same way you would protect your children from potential home hazards.

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