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How to Ensure the Safety of Your Child’s Bedroom

3/15/2017 7:47 PM Comments Posted By Floralyn Teodoro
Your children’s bedrooms, no matter how old they may be, must be a safe haven for sleep and relaxation. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child’s bedroom is free from any potential hazard.

According to records and reports, the majority of childhood accidents such as strangulations, chokings, and suffocations happen inside the home. What’s even more alarming is how cribs and beds rank as one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in children.

Besides keeping a close watch on your child 24/7, you also need to take extra safety measures. To ensure the safety of your child’s bedroom and reduce the risks of common bedroom accidents, here are safety measures and child-proofing tips you should employ:

Secure the shelves and furniture with wall straps.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, every two weeks, a child is killed by unstable and unsecured furniture piece or television. More than that, every 24 minutes, a child is being sent to the emergency room because of a tip-over incident.

To avoid fatal tip-over accidents, you must anchor and secure shelves, large furniture pieces, and even the television to keep them from tipping over. Besides placing them on a sturdy, low base, use wall straps or other anchoring devices to secure them properly.

Get rid of any choking hazard in your child’s room.

Children, especially those ages 5 and under, are more prone to choking hazards. Because they are most likely to put as many things they see in their mouths, they are at greater risk of choking hazards and other kinds of airway obstruction injuries.

Keep away anything that your child may be interested to put in his mouth such as buttons, pins, coins, small balls, tiny toys, etc. As your guide, keep in mind that anything that can fit into an empty toilet paper roll is a potential choking hazard.

Install a mesh guard or stopper to the windows.

As your child grows, he will be more active and will be more prone to crawling and climbing around the room – including windows. In the case of unsecured and unguarded windows, there’s a risk of your child falling from your windows or roaming outside your home.

Living in high-rising condos or apartments makes unguarded windows more dangerous for little children. So, to avoid such accidents, consider installing a mesh window guard, window stopper, or window rails. This way, you’re sure your kid is safe and secured.

Keep away materials that can cause strangulation.

Since the 80s, many children die from strangulation mostly caused by window blinds and drapery cords, pacifier strings, necklaces, and clothing drawstrings. Children also get strangled and entrapped in openings where their tiny bodies fit, but not their heads.

To avoid strangulation hazards on window covering cords, refrain from placing your child’s bed or crib beside the windows. More than that, keep anything that may strangle your kid such as cords, strings, etc. Protect them from entrapment hazards as well.

Secure unused outlets with protective covers.

During a child’s early years, curiosity is greatly noticeable. This curiosity often leads them to exploring, touching, and tasting anything they chance upon – including electric outlets. Your child may tend to insert things on exposed outlets and that’s dangerous.

Unused outlets left uncovered can cause serious injuries like electric shock. To protect your child from potential electrical hazards, make sure to secure unused electrical outlets with protective covers. Just make sure they are out of your children’s sight and reach.

Keep your child’s bed simple and free from clutter.

Although pillows, stuffed toys, bumpers, and other cute accessories can make your child’s bed aesthetically beautiful, too much of these things can cause suffocation in your child. In fact, 60 % of suffocation in children is caused by their sleeping environment.

Children can suffocate when their faces are covered or buried in a cushion, soft bedding, pillows, and the like. To avoid potential suffocation hazards for your child, keep your child’s bed or bedding simple. Go for a firm mattress with a tight-fitting bed sheet instead.

Install a day and night video monitor in the room.

If you’re the type of parent who wants to seriously keep an eye on your child even if you’re in another room, invest in a day and night video monitor. This device is a nice help to let you see and know what your child is doing, or what happens as he sleeps.

Knowing you can keep an eye on your child wherever you are, especially when he is left with a nanny or another guardian, can provide you with peace and security. With a baby video monitor, you can also track and review your child’s activities and behaviors.

Your child’s life is so precious that you must take extra responsibility and measures to ensure his security and safety, especially inside your home, specifically his bedroom. Practice the above tips and guidelines to ensure the safety of your child’s bedroom. You can’t let even one mishap to risk your child’s life, right?

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